The (e)merge art fair presents an extensive line-up of special projects and performances. (e)merge also engages curators, gallerists, collectors, artists and other art world innovators in panel discussions during the fair.

2014 Performance Schedule

2014 Performance Schedule


5-7PM, James Bernard Cole, pool
5-8PM, Karine Falleni, lobby
5-9PM, Madeleine Cutrona, pool deck
6-8PM, Mercedes Teixido, lower level
7-9PM, Heloisa Escudero, pool deck

12-7PM, Madeleine Cutrona, pool deck
12-2PM, Mercedes Teixido, lower level
12-2PM, Karine Falleni, lobby
2-4PM, James Bernard Cole, pool
4-5PM, Sheldon Scott, lower level
5:30-7PM, Holly Bass, front lawn

12-7PM, Madeleine Cutrona, pool deck
12-2PM, Heloisa Escudero, pool deck
12-2PM, Karine Falleni, lobby
12-2PM, James Bernard Cole, pool
4-5PM, Holly Bass, front lawn
5-7PM, Stephen Hendee, pool deck
5-7PM, Mercedes Teixido, garage

12-5PM, Madeleine Cutrona, pool deck
12-2PM, Mercedes Teixido, lower level
12-2PM, Karine Falleni, lobby
12-2PM, James Bernard Cole, pool
2-5PM, Rachel Schmidt + André Singleton, room 3

Performance Descriptions

> Holly BassBlack Space
Black Space Rent Party
This performance draws inspiration from house-rent parties that flourished in the black neighborhoods of Washington, D.C., and other cities, during the 1920s -1940s, and later decades. For a small fee, neighbors enjoyed music, cheap booze and good company. Black Space Rent Party will feature a dance performance, a special music mix, and informal games of bones (dominoes) and spades. (Friday)
Black Space Housewarming
This house blessing is a participatory ritual combining African ceremonial traditions, poetry, song and movement. An intimate, facilitated dialogue follows the invocation. Housewarming gifts, such as black cultural artifacts, scented candles, and houseplants are welcome. (Saturday)

> James Bernard Cole - That Corcoran Status
That Corcoran Status is a reflective interpretation of the current status of The Corcoran College of Art + Design. Using plastic duck decoys, the artist will fabricate a bridge of similarities between the performance and the recent transactions between The Corcoran and The George Washington University.

> Madeleine Cutrona - Bargain Basement University
Bargain Basement University’s team of college administrators will roam the fair and solicit students to enroll in our innovative approach to education. Let us hand-print your degree on site, as we streamline your admission, matriculation and graduation. Get ready to soar.

> Heloisa Escudero - BackPack Gallery Project Performance
The BackPack Gallery is a series of sculptures that are wearable art galleries in the form of backpacks. The performance takes art out of confinement and into the mobile realm, where art and artists come to the viewer. Artists will create an installation inside the BackPack Units and perform while carrying the sculptures.

> Karine Falleni - Continuance
Continuance is a study of movement. The simplicity of a line of tape represents a sequential stream of moments in time. As the artist applies layers of tape, the movement will shift visually. Viewers are invited to experience the process of continuing change until the project is completed on the final day of the fair.

> Stephen Hendee - A Democracy of Averages
A Democracy of Averages is a highly reflective sculptural object on the hotel pool deck, but it is also a site for a performance event. Music, sound recordings, experimental noise, and interactive works will be presented by artists David Sanchez Burr, Carrie Fucile, Evie Metz, Sorcerer, Cecilia Vidal, and Allison Yasukawa.

> Sheldon Scott - A Man Ain't Nothing But A Man
A Man Ain’t Nothing But A Man is a performative installation inspired by the legend of John Henry, is a survey of man as machine and the limitless black male body. The performance takes the contest of steel-driving into rock as commentary on internal and external pressures to extend the body as a fatally useful tool.

> Rachel Schmidt + André Singleton - I Love You, My Deer
The artists, both native Mid-Westerners and East Coast transplants, will create a collaborative sculptural installation and performance that examines an exodus of original place to the contemporary realities of an urban landscape. This movement-based, multimedia performance explores concepts of endurance, confrontation, memory, and love.

> Mercedes TeixidoNotes for the Capitol
In this audience activated performance, visitors are invited to browse a "library" of selected books. As participants read aloud, an improvisational drawing/writing will be created on a drawing mechanism modeled after Thomas Jefferson's letter writing machine. The machine creates two identical drawings, one of which will be given to the reader.

2014 Panel Discussions

2014 Panel Discussions


FRIDAY, October 3rd: 2-3pm
@ Capitol Skyline Hotel - Room 1
Moderator: José Ruiz, artist/curator Present Company (Brooklyn).
Panelists: Deborah Anzinger, artist/director NLS (Kingston, Jamaica); Heidi Fancher, artist (Washington, D.C.); Sha Sha Feng, artist/co-founder, DIVAS for Social Justice (Brooklyn); Tami Gold, artist/filmmaker (Brooklyn).
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SATURDAY, October 4th: 2-3pm
@ Capitol Skyline Hotel - Room 1
Moderator: Vesela Sretenović, Senior Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, The Phillips Collection (Washington, D.C.).
Panelists: David Grosso, Councilmember (Washington, D.C.); Mohini Malhotra, collector (Washington, D.C.); Mariano Ugalde, director, Salar Galería de Arte (La Paz, Bolivia).
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SATURDAY, October 4th: 3pm
@ Capitol Skyline Hotel - Room 1
The Phillips Collection Director Dorothy Kosinski and Curators Klaus Ottmann and Vesela Sretenović will select the winner from works on display at the (e)merge art fair. The Phillips Collection Emerging Artist Prize is made possible by the generous support of Hank and Carol Brown Goldberg.



CONNECT: Artists + Community
FRIDAY, October 4th, 2013: 2pm
@ Capitol Skyline Hotel - Room 1
This conversation with national arts leaders explores how artists build communities to support themselves in their work.
Moderator: Silvana Straw, Artist/Cultural Organizer/Philanthropic Advisor (Washington, DC)
Panelists: Margaret Boozer, Director, Red Dirt Studios (Washington, DC); Ryan Frank, Installation Manager, The Wassaic Project, (Wassaic); James McAnally, artistic collaborator, US English, and Co-Director, The Luminary (St. Louis); and Abigail Satinsky, Associate Director, Threewalls (Chicago). Produced in collaboration with the Transformer FRAMEWORK Panel series.
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COLLECT: Emerging Art
SATURDAY, October 5th, 2013: 2pm
@ Capitol Skyline Hotel - Room 1
Institutional and private perspectives inform this discussion on collecting works by emerging artists.
Moderator: Klaus Ottmann, Director of the Center for the Study of Modern Art and Curator at Large, The Phillips Collection (Washington, DC)
Panelists: Marina Galvani, Curator, the World Bank Art Program (Washington, DC); Tony Podesta, collector (Washington, DC) and Mika Yoshitake, Assistant Curator, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden (Washington, DC).
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Performance Art: IMPACT
FRIDAY, October 5th: 2pm
@ Capitol Skyline Hotel - Room 1
Moderator: Lisa Gold, Executive Director, Washington Project for the Arts.
Panelists: Claire Breukel (Contemporary Art curator and Writer), Adam Budak (curator of Contemporary Art, Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden), Sarah Newman (curator of contemporary art, The Corcoran Gallery of Art), Jefferson Pinder (performance artist).
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Art Funding: NOW
SATURDAY, October 6th: 2pm
@ Capitol Skyline Hotel - Room 1
Moderator: Dorothy Kosinski, Director, The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC. Panelists Robert Lynch, President and CEO of Americans for the Arts; Jamie Bennett, Chief of Staff, National Endowment for the Arts; Lionell Thomas, Executive Director, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities.
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Emerging Art / Emerging Practices
September 23 at 2pm
@ Capitol Skyline Hotel – Room 1
Moderator: Claire Breukel (Contemporary Art Curator and Writer)
Panelists: Matthew Higgs (Director/Chief Curator, White Columns), Kristen Hileman (Curator, Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD), JJ McCracken (Artist), and Walter Robinson (Editor, Artnet Magazine)
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Collecting for the Future
September 24 at 2pm
@ Capitol Skyline Hotel– Room 1
Moderator: Karen Sommer Shalett (editor-in-chief, DC Magazine)
Panelists: Ann Garfinkle (Art Attorney, Whiteford, Taylor and Preston LLP), Dorothy Kosinski (Director, The Phillips Collection), Heather Podesta (Collector) & Mera Rubell (Collector)

Current Directions in Video Art
@ Capitol Skyline – Room 1
Moderator: Todd Smith, (Director, Tampa Museum of Art);
Panelists: Anita Beckers (Galerie Anita Beckers), Janet Biggs (Artist), Jonathan Monaghan (Artist), and Manuel de Santeren (Collector)
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(e)merge panel discussion: Creative Voices, hosted by the Phillips Collection, September 14, 2011

(e)merge panel discussion: Collecting Emerging Art, hosted by Conner Contemporary Art, Saturday, July 9, 2011
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(e)merge panel discussion 3 presented by Flashpoint Gallery + (e)merge art fair, Saturday April 16, 2011
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(e)merge panel discussion 2 presented by Hamiltonian Gallery + Conner Contemporary Art, Saturday, October 2, 2010
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(e)merge panel discussion 1 presented by Conner Contemporary Art, Saturday, July 31, 2010
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